Actor Faruska Balk, was kind enough to let us perform a
life-cast of her face and mouth for a this ZZ Top music video.

The mechanical puppet face of Faruska that we designed and built from her life cast, has vampire fangs that protrude out in real time, ready to bite her victims neck as the camera rolls. Thus avoiding a thrice as expensive CGI shot.

A later shot required that Faruska wear a set of vampire fangs, so we had to perform a life cast of her teeth and gums, this would make the fangs a perfect fit to Faruska’s mouth. We made three different sized sets of vampire fangs, for this video project. This gave the director choices in size and shape of her fangs. We felt as Faruska was straddling, her victim wearing next to nothing, sinuously writhing, moving in for the kill that ...the director shouldn't be thinking about her teeth.