To Save Children from small cheese

That was the job of Super Moo a character born of the minds of Kraft Cheese and brought to life by Image Creators Inc.

The super cow had to fly and interact with human actors. So for this job we built a superhero cowsuit with an Animatronic face and a rod puppet which was a miniature of the cowsuit.

Udder the direction of Fred Spencer art work was done by Image Creators and approved by Kraft. At that point sculptures were prepared of the face of the bodysuit cow and the body and face of the miniature rod puppet.

Actors were auditioned and Jim Jackman was hired to be the body puppeteer of the cow. He was life cast immediately so that the suit could be made to conform to his proportions. From the sculptures molds were fabricated and a foam latex "skin" was made for the head of the cow. At the same time the body of the rod puppet was also cast and skin made.

The body suit was made of white faux fur with spots sewed on individually. A fiberglass skull was made to which servos were attached and the skin put over the whole thing. Punched fur, paint, cable, and some tape all were used to make a 6 foot + standing cow with movable eyes,mouth, ears and hooves that looked like hooves but were flexible enough to pick up things.
Oh I forgot the Super Moo cape.

The rod puppet was a duplicate of the large cow and had movable arms and Head.

The miniature was shot on green screen with the body suit being used on set with the human actors. Puppeteers were Fred Spencer and Don Lewis.