Owned by Doree Sitterly and a star in his own right Barkley was the Pooch companion of Dana Carvey in Clean Slate.

Star that he was Barkley wanted to do all the stunts. But his trainers insisted that he have a stunt double and so off they went to Image Creators Inc. to have a stunt double made that could do those things that a canine star could not be expected to do.

A cable controlled puppet of a jack russell terrier dog was decided upon. It had to have movable mouth, tounge, and eye movements. We had to make our puppet dog look just like the real jack russell dog in the film. So we spent some time with the real jact russell, taking photos and measurement to be exact.Flocking and furring played a big part in creating the realistic finishing touches.

Barkley liked his stunt double so much that they started partying together and after a rather sordid tail the stunt double ended up staying in Los Vegas at Planet Hollywood. Where you can see him today!