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One of our specialties is animal fabrication. We take pride in every animal character we create. We offer you quality from the beginning sculptures to the final detailed furring.

All of our creations are designed and custom made especially for our clients, therefore we do not offer a purchasing catalog.

We can design any idea you may have in mind. Just give us a call or email us and we will gladly discuss your project at length with you.

Our engineers can animate anything. Motorized movements, pneumatics, servos, animatronics, all can be computer-controlled if needed.

Recently, we created a line of mannequins/animals that are not only realistic-looking with the use of movements but can talk, as well. Utilizing pc's and pneumatics, we can have animatronic facial movements that are life-like and fascinating to the eye.

Also, we have simplified the creative process and developed an engineering system that is easily operated and quite inexpensive to run. (Disney has been using this technology for years and our company has been utilizing the same technique in the film and TV industry.)

If you need help developing your ideas (or developing something new and exciting), we are available with our in-house artist/illustrator to assist you.

Other characters not on this site but can be seen at :

lions, robots, kinetic sculptures, parrots, doves, gorillas, marionettes, puppets.

Call or email us at:
(310) 202-8286 or (310) 392-3583

We have a library of characters from past projects in stock that can be altered to your needs:

Custom Snow globes that are 3', 4', and 6' foot round were designed and fabricated to sit on high pedestals for use in and around the 7 Eatons stores. We can design and create any snow globe size up to 6' round.

Giant "Nutcracker" bears - 14' tall


Small "Nutcracker" bears - 15" tall

life-size bears

Small-size bears

Dogs, cats - large and small

Small-size animals (varied)

Rabbits - large and small-sized

Life-size Santa's

Male - female mannequins, (animated only)

Santa and reindeer rigs

Ice skaters
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Small elves, gnomes, trolls
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